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The Hive Hotel


Situated not far from Termini station in Rome, this six-floor, four-star luxury hotel boasts a panoramic terrace overlooking the city. The structure and the interiors reflect a modern and elegant style.
The chosen theme is that of the beehive, the leitmotif of the period Rome building in which it is located.

The beehive theme is reflected in a range of elements thanks to the alveolar panels used to create the reception desk, the bar and room dividers, and to the choice of hexagonal light fittings and details in shades of gold. The rooms have been furnished with the latest-generation materials. The dominant colours are ebony, matte black used in the tubular structures, and gold.
A project which is rich in tailor-made details for a structure characterised by great design.

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Franco Bernardini


Valter Suppressa